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Expand your network and collaborate with agents who have pre-set commission rates, eliminating the need for multiple outreach efforts.

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Streamline your daily operations. Share inventory and manage tasks with smart tools, ensuring a stress-free coordination process.

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Boost your sales and leverage our powerful CRM and dynamic agent network to close more deals and grow your business efficiently.

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Streamline Operations and enhance Performance

Effortlessly oversee your agency by managing clients, properties, and share properties through pre-determined commission structures. Our platform empowers you with the tools you need to excel.

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Elevate your Real Estate Network by connecting with industry professionals

Our solution is designed to help you grow your network, allowing for strategic partnerships and shared opportunities. By presetting commission structures, you encourage transparent and beneficial collaborations, strengthening your network and amplifying your market presence.

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Enhance Client Engagement and Operational Efficiency with Smart Tools

Transform the way you manage client relationships and daily tasks. From managing your agenda to creating and utilizing template documents for repeated use, our platform simplifies your workflow. Generate insightful reports to make informed decisions and provide top-tier service to your clients.


Enhance Your Real Estate Business with A2A’s Innovative Tools

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Build Landing Pages Fast

Create professional landing pages in minutes, showcasing your properties and services effortlessly.

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Manage Your Agency

Stay organized with tools designed for real estate agencies, including team management and task tracking features.

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Reusable Templates

Access a variety of ready-to-use templates for contracts, marketing materials, and more, streamlining your workflow.

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Manage Your Agenda

Keep track of appointments, meetings, and important deadlines with our agenda management tool.

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Consolidate Properties

Manage and track all your properties in one place. Publish listings to multiple platforms with ease, reaching a wider audience.

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Generate Reports

Access detailed reports on your sales, marketing efforts, and overall business performance with just a few clicks.


Interact with agents and the platform to earn points, helping you and others find the most suitable partners.

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Jenifer Shen

Property Consultant @ Aj Homes

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Maria Gomez

Senior Real Estate Agent @ Engels & Volkers

agency logo profile picture

Hitesh Gural

Real Estate Agent @ Key One Estates

agency logo profile picture

Janita Sandhu

Real Estate Agent @ Luxury Homes Dubai

agency logo profile picture

Hamid Al Haraj

Founder @ Prestige Real Estate

agency logo profile picture

Daniel Rogers

Real Estate Agent @ Purcell Properties

agency logo profile picture

Selma Khayt

Property Consultant @ Salford Properties

agency logo profile picture

James Corbett

Real Estate Agent @ Steve Dane Estates

agency logo profile picture

Priyanka Sandal

Real Estate Agent @ Vantage Real Estate






Join our exclusive network today.






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Join our exclusive network today.





Join our exclusive network today.


A2A is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline your real estate business operations.

With A2A, you gain the ability to:

  • Manage your agency and its agents effectively
  • Add and oversee properties with ease
  • Establish and maintain commission structures for collaborators
  • Expand and collaborate within your real estate network
  • Organize client information and manage your daily agenda
  • Create, download, or save document templates for consistent use
  • Generate detailed reports to track business performance
Additionally, A2A supports report generation and connects you with vetted professional services, including photographers for high-quality property visuals, 3D viewings, and maintenance services, ensuring that every aspect of your real estate business is covered.

A2A is the perfect real estate agency management platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of the real estate sector:

  • Agents: A2A provides agents with the tools to expand their network and sales potential.
  • Agencies: For agencies, A2A offers robust team management features, enabling leaders to empower their agents through enhanced sales strategies and streamlined workflows.
  • Enterprises: Larger real estate enterprises can benefit from A2A's scalable solutions, which are designed to handle the complexities of managing extensive agent networks and property listings.
A2A stands as a versatile tool, ideal for any real estate professional or organization aiming to elevate their operational efficiency and market presence.

You can try the Agent Plan for free for 30 days without a credit card! A2A offers a range of flexible pricing plans tailored to meet your specific real estate management needs:

  • Agent Plan: For those ready to unlock the full potential of A2A, our Agent plan is available for just $99 per month. This plan grants you access to our comprehensive suite of features, designed to maximize your real estate operations.
  • Agency Plan: Tailored for small to medium-sized teams, our Agency plan offers 3 or 5 seats, allowing you to empower your agents with our advanced tools and services. This plan is ideal for agencies aiming to enhance collaboration and efficiency.
  • Enterprise Plan: For larger organizations with more extensive needs, our Enterprise plans provide customized solutions. Get in touch with our sales team for a personalized package that aligns with your enterprise's scale and requirements.
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Absolutely! A2A values your brand identity, which is why we provide a white label solution beginning with our Super Agent plan. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your own branding across the A2A platform, offering you the ability to present a personalized management system that truly reflects your agency's unique brand. Elevate your professional image and enhance your client's experience with a platform that feels entirely your own.



A2A in the Real World

Since joining A2A, my real estate business has transformed. The platform’s networking features have connected me with top agents, leading to a significant increase in my sales. The smart tools have streamlined my daily operations, saving me time and effort. A2A is a game-changer for any realtor looking to grow their business!

Hamid Al Halwani

Founder @ Prestige Properties

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